Cell Tower Mapping

In addition to our digital forensics and forensic accounting services we also provide you with cell tower mapping and tracking services.  We use the most progressive and innovative tools on the market today to provide you with even more ways of gaining the knowledge necessary to bring the truth to light.


Mobile Forensic Services

E-Met Forensic Investigations uses the most current and up-to-date digital forensic tools to assist you in tracking, locating, and discovering the truth.

The tools we use include Cellebrite, Lantern, XRY and ADF to acquire crucial digital data from a variety of mobile devices.  This data is then analyzed, organized and comprehensively prepared for use in any court case.


Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is a process by which accounting irregularities are discovered, identified and isolated.  At E-Met Forensic Investigations not only do we discover, identify and isolate, we provide you with a comprehensive report making it easier for you to understand complicated and sometimes overwhelming data sets.


Private Investigative Services

At E-Met Forensic Investigations we are prepared to handle your private investigative needs.  We can assist you with skip tracing, asset searches, background investigations, and much, much more.